This site is the home of Karen Myers, author of adventure stories in the fantasy and science fiction genres. Glad to see you here!

Image of fireman rescuing a childWe talk about heroes on this site—not just the heroes in my stories but, more importantly, heroes out in the world, both the real ones who make the news and history, and the ones in myths and legends. Over time, a great many articles will accumulate about all sorts of heroes. See here for an overview.

Not all of us have an opportunity for heroism in our daily lives, but we can do other things. For example, you’ll find a list of articles and organizations associated with supporting service dogs here.

If you’re a writer, you might also find my blog HollowLands of interest. I post about various topics there, and my Just for Writers section covers technical areas relating to writing, publishing, distribution, and more.

Finally, my books are published by Perkunas Press.

You can see some of my other interests here.

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