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Book 2 of The Affinities of Magic

Magical research turned deadly, and wizard guilds in turmoil.

Five years ago, the teenaged Rushalentar converted the resources of his dying Torch & Scroll wizard guild into a group of businesses which trained wizards outside the guilds and sold the results of his arcana discoveries to anyone who could profit from them. Things have gotten complicated since then, and Rush is scrambling to keep any of his spinning plates from crashing down, now that he has the attention of no less than the Emperor of Bariskaria.

But the quiet research in his labs turns unexpectedly dangerous and sparks a conflagration that tears apart the traditional wizard guilds. In the midst of personal disasters, Rush is faced with the dissolution of the uneasy peace between the guilds and his strange new enterprises which are seemingly determined to disrupt them all.

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Fragments of Lightning

Publication date: 2019.