Karen Myers

Book 1 of The Chained Adept

A strong wizard with unanswered questions and a chain around her neck.

Penrys’s past is unknown, but she’s got a better grip on her future: find out where she came from, discover what happened to her, and figure out how the unremovable chain around her neck makes her different from other wizards.

What any of this has to do with the renewal of an ugly war between neighboring countries, half a world away, is just something she’ll have to sort out, along with the rumors of wizards where they don’t belong.

Assuming, of course, that no one removes her as a threat before she can find her footing.

All she wants is a firm foundation for the rest of her life, with a side helping of retribution, and if she has to fix things along the way, well, so be it.

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The Chained Adept

Publication date: February 1, 2016. 388 pages.
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The World of The Chained Adept

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The World as a Steppe Hound

The World as a steppe hound


Kigali and its neighbors

Kigali and its neighbors


The Southern Continent

Important locations in the Southern Continent


Ellech, in the North

Ellech, in the North

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