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New covers for The Chained Adept series

No, your eyes have not deceived you. I've updated the covers for all 4 books in The Chained Adept series.

You can see the new covers here.

Let me know your thoughts…

Book fair in Altoona, PA – May 12, 2018

Karen Myers and other authors will be presenting at the first Greater Altoona Area Book Festival at the Altoona Public Library on May 12.

She has two book fairs lined up for this year, so far. The first is very local — Altoona is the nearest small city in her area, famous for its railroad history and the Horseshoe Curve constructed in 1854. The second is regional — The Allegheny Regional Festival of Books in its first year, in Bedford, PA, September 14-15.

Welcome to the Worlds of Karen Myers

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