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Meet heroes in far-away places

Book fair in Altoona, PA – May 12, 2018

Karen Myers and other authors will be presenting at the first Greater Altoona Area Book Festival at the Altoona Public Library on May 12.

She has two book fairs lined up for this year, so far. The first is very local — Altoona is the nearest small city in her area, famous for its railroad history and the Horseshoe Curve constructed in 1854. The second is regional — The Allegheny Regional Festival of Books in its first year, in Bedford, PA, September 14-15.

The dogs of war are in high demand

Image of partners in a K-9 combat tracker team resting

U.S. Army Specialist Justin Coletti, of a K-9 combat tracker team, rests with Dasty, a Belgian Malinois, at an airfield in Afghanistan following an overnight mission.
Photographer: Romeo Gacad/AFP/Getty Images

An excellent article from Bloomberg describes the usage of dogs in the armed services today, and the development of robot dogs for training medics.

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Never Give Up

Image of bloodhound discovering diver

Heroes – Rick Rescorla

Image of women defending victims of terrorism
Saving 2700 lives during a terrorist attack—a staggering cap to an impressive military career.
Image of fleuron divider

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Service Dog Articles

Image of dog rescuing woman from snow

Articles of interest if you are considering adopting or living with a service dog. If you know of additional articles, please let me know in the comments or by email.

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Charitable and support organizations

Image of dog rescuing woman from snow

Please use your own judgment in choosing a service dog-related organization to support. I would welcome additional references in the comments or via email.

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