Karen MyersImage of Night Hunt, a short story from The Hounds of Annwn fantasy series by Karen Myers

A story from The Hounds of Annwn

Honor among men and the hunting of hounds.

When George Talbot Traherne goes night hunting for fox in Virginia, he learns about unworthy men from the old-timers drinking moonshine around the fire and makes his own choices.

Who could have anticipated that the same impulse that won him his old bluetick coonhound would lead him to his new wife and the hounds of Annwn? Every choice has a cost, he realizes, but never a regret.

This short story takes place between the events in To Carry the Horn and The Ways of Winter and is included in Tales of Annwn.

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Night Hunt

Publication date: March 2, 2013. 27 pages.
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Editorial Reviews

Karen Myers’ substantive knowledge of venery and her credible interpretation of the interplay between man, hound, and quarry provide a satisfying and authentic foundation for her imaginative and enjoyable stories.
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Coon Hunting by Moonlight

Coon Hunting by Moonlight

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