Karen Myers

A story from The Hounds of Annwn

After twenty years of separation, how can he convince himself that his wife still needs him?

Luhedoc is off with his adopted nephew Benitoe to fetch horses for the Golden Cockerel Inn. He’s been reunited with his beloved Maëlys at last, but how can he fit into her capable life as an innkeeper? What use is he to her now, after all these years?

Image of Cariad, a short story from The Hounds of Annwn fantasy series by Karen Myers

Luhedoc needs to relearn an important lesson about confidence.

This short story takes place between the events in The Ways of Winter and King of the May and is included in Tales of Annwn.

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Publication date: February 9, 2013. 24 pages.
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Editorial Reviews

Karen Myers’ substantive knowledge of venery and her credible interpretation of the interplay between man, hound, and quarry provide a satisfying and authentic foundation for her imaginative and enjoyable stories.
Foxhunting Life

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