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Extras for my books

Did you know that the book pages on my website include goodies for the books themselves?

For example, you can find some maps for all the travels in The Chained Adept series at the bottom of the book pages for the books in the series, like the first one. Maps don't display well in ebooks, but you can see large versions on the website.

The Hounds of Annwn book pages feature pictures of George's pocket watch, the horned god Cernunnos, the oliphant, and other things you'll find familiar from the stories — just scroll down to the bottom of the book page for To Carry the Horn and other books.

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Upcoming Books

I'm heads-down in the third book for the new series, The Affinities of Magic, and I'm having fun expanding my hero's world. Now that Rush has turned his discoveries of the sources of magic into a business, he has to field the disruption he's caused that has the wizard guilds in turmoil.

Think of the real Industrial Revolution, and all the massive innovation in virtually every industry as the scientific discoveries and engineering and chemical innovations that accompanied them changed everything about the economics and the lifestyles of the industrial West. The steam engine alone…

Each time Rush identifies a new arcana skill that can be exploited (for a fee) by any wizard, he has to handle the new industry it might spawn and all the unintended consequences that go with it, as well as the impediments of his rivals and enemies.

And his business continues to grow. A business with half a dozen people is very different from an Academy of a couple of hundred students, multiple business lines, and now multiple locations. He's got to learn how to expand, but things have a way of spinning out of his control.

I can hardly wait until I can start releasing the first three books in the series…

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