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The tagline for my website is “Meet heroes from far-away places.”

So, what is it about heroes that I think is so important? It all comes down to story and morality.

The stories we tell eachother around the fire are what make us human, in all the cultures of our world. It's through stories that we learn how to live and how to make our way through the world. They demonstrate the qualities that we find admirable, in ourselves and others.

Some tales are about cleverness and resourcefulness. Others are about kindness and generosity. But the stories we tell about heroes are about courage, even unto death, in the defense of others and the pursuit of justice. They admire endurance, bravery, tenacity, and stoicism, more than they admire success or failure (though often enough, the hero succeeds, against all odds).

As George Talbot Traherne tells Rhian in King of the May, you have to fight, even if you can't win, because you cannot be the man who doesn't fight. There are things worse than death.

As Penrys tells herself when she tries, crippled, to hold twenty wizards at bay in On a Crooked Track, she must ensure that nine stolen children have a chance of escape, whatever happens to her.

That's what heroes do, and that's why we admire them. Without that vein of heroism — the stories we remember — we would all be weaker and less worthy. We hope we can make the same decisions ourselves, when we're called upon, and we tell ourselves those stories to stiffen our spines.

Nourishing food, for the human spirit.

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Upcoming Books

I've just finished Fragments of Lightning, book 2 of The Affinities of Magic. It's all formatted and ready to go.

Just one more book, and then I can release the first three books of the series, at monthly intervals. The title of the third book will be Dustings of Blue.

(I have so much fun writing these books…)

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