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Special Deals – eBook Bundles for The Hounds of Annwn

If you're an ebook reader, I'd like to draw your attention to the great value of buying series books as bundles. There are great bargains to be had by doing that.

For example, the first two ebooks for the Hounds of Annwn series (To Carry the Horn & The Ways of Winter) cost $12.98 if bought separately, but only $9.99 if bought as a bundle.

You can get all 4 entries in the series as well as the short story collection (Tales of Annwn) for only $15.99 as an ebook bundle, a savings of almost 50% over buying them all individually.

And, of course, if you've already bought books 1 or 2, you can always mix & match by buying the rest of the series at a significant savings as its own bundle.

I may earn a bit less from the bundles, but you spend quite a bit less, and it's well worth it to me to help you find a way to read more in the series. The bundled versions are available everywhere the individual books are sold.

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Upcoming Books – New series: The Affinities of Magic

I'm so excited to be finally writing the first books in this series. I've had the idea for it for a couple of years, but I put it aside to write the Chained Adept series first while the concept matured in my back brain. (There are always other books and series seething there, clamoring for attention — it's a noisy place.)

I'm a fan of a style of fantasy called “the science of magic”, the stories that treat magic as a knowable field where discoveries can be made and technology advanced. We may not know how a magical skill works, but we can be confident that there are definite rules, if only we are smart enough to figure out what they are.

That being the case, I had no trouble envisioning a sort of young Thomas Edison doing his investigations and making discovery after discovery, while finding a way to commercialize his results. It's a long way from that concept to a fully fleshed-out world and the characters who live there, especially young Rushalentar who takes an impossible situation and turns it into the start of a commercial empire, and that's what needed to mature.

I've finished writing the first two books, Structures of Earth and Fragments of Lightning, and have started the third. When I'm partway into the fourth book, I'll begin releasing them, one per month, until the releases catch up to my writing. I expect the first one to be out circa the end of the year.

Boy, am I having fun!

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Featured Book – Bound into the Blood

Not many readers make it to the fourth and last book of a series, and that's a shame. Bound into the Blood is book 4 of The Hounds of Annwn, and it occupies a special place for me.

The entire series is about a contemporary Virginia foxhunter who finds himself in a fae otherworld version of his familiar Blue Ridge landscape. Most of the time, he must adjust to the strange and uncanny world he finds himself in, so deceptively like his own, but in this book he spends much of his time in our own world showing it to a few of his otherworld companions, some of whom are very strange indeed.

They are just as lost in our world as he was in theirs, and that was a lot of fun to write about. I took the opportunity to set some of their adventures in central rural Pennsylvania and the Catskills of New York, in a rather exotic version of a road trip. As always, it's instructive to look at our familiar world through alien eyes, and few are more alien than the rock wight from book 2, The Ways of Winter.

I'm busy writing other books at the moment, but I would love the opportunity to continue the story of George Talbot Traherne's adventures at a future date. If that seems like a good idea to you, please let me know!

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Events – After-action report: the Allegheny Regional Festival of Books

On September 15, I attended the first ever Allegheny Regional Festival of Books, aimed at local readers and writers throughout central Pennsylvania. This year's event was in historic Bedford, in the square surrounded by well-preserved original buildings.

We were fortunate in our weather, and the whole thing ran without a hitch, which must be unusual for a first-time event. Each year the event will rotate between a handful of picturesque locations.

I had a grand time seeing what other authors brought to the show and meeting new and returning readers — always a thrill! Some of you even signed up for my newsletters. 🙂

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